If you’ve just done, or are about to do a major declutter, it’s important to remember that it’s just ONE part of adopting a minimalist lifestyle. Once the declutter is done, it’s important to build and maintain systems and habits so that you can maintain a clutter free home for years to come.

However, like myself, I doubt anyone wants to spend all their spare time decluttering. The great news is that you don’t have to! In this post I’m going to take you through some simple, 60 second habits that will help keep your home clean and clutter free.

1. Tidy up as you go along

I remember when I first heard this suggestion, I thought it would create so much more work! However, now that I do it I appreciate how much time it saves me.

I wipe down surfaces and put things away after using them. It keeps my house clean, and tidy, and I don’t have to do a big clean-up in the evening or over the weekend.

New habits take time to build so if it seems overwhelming at first, start one habit at a time and once it’s become second-nature you can start building another new habit.

2. Declutter regularly

Choose a decluttering frequency that’s right for you but one piece of advice, don’t wait 10 years like I did!

You might want to declutter things as they come into the house, like junk mail or takeaway menus. You might want to have a quick look when you get something out of your wardrobe to make sure you’re still happy with everything in there.

You may want to schedule a set time in the week to check each room for anything that needs decluttering.

I’ve also seen people create a designated place to leave things they intend to declutter. They might use a bag which they pop things into, so they can take them to a charity shop or recycle once the bag is full.

3. Have a home for everything

When you know where things should go it’s far quicker to put them back once you’ve used them.

For example, when bills or statements come through the post, if you need to keep them it might be good to have a document folder to store them in, rather than shoving them in a drawer in the kitchen and made the drawer unusable for anything else. I have absolutely never done that!   *Looks around sheepishly*

4. Wipe down surfaces after using them

Whether it’s kitchen counters or appliances, wiping them down once you’ve finished means you won’t have to go around your whole home all at once. It’s almost like the house cleans itself!

The same could apply to dusting, which isn’t necessarily something you would do every time after using a surface. However, perhaps you could schedule a room a day to run the duster around so that, again, you’re not having to dust the whole house in one go.

5. Do the dishes before you go to bed

I do mine straight after we’ve eaten, which might seem a bit drastic but that’s because I know I’m less inclined to do them if I leave them until just before I go to bed.

It’s nice to get up in the morning knowing there is no pile of dishes or cutlery to come down to and that it’s all ready to be used again that day.

6. Hang up coats and put shoes away when you get home

Rather than draping coats over chairs and kicking off shoes into a random corner, take them off when you get in and put them away in whichever space you’ve designated.

I admit that I don’t always remember to take my shoes off before I walk into the living room, and when this happens it tends to leave dirt and debris on the floor!

However, most of the time I do take them off and put them in a cupboard. This not only reduces the amount of dirt coming into the living area but also reduces wear and tear on the floor.

7. Deal with post straight away

Like I said earlier, one example might be putting certain documents in a designated home if you need to keep them. Even better, switch to paperless statements to reduce the amount of paper coming through.

You can recycle takeaway menus and junk mail. If you have a delivery, put the packaging in the recycling straight away.

I’ve found that if I put packaging on a random surface, more packaging or paperwork gets added until an unsightly pile forms! I find it best to remove things as they come in so that clutter doesn’t attract more clutter.

8. Make you bed after you get up

I know this can sound like a cliché but I find that making my bed after I get up is such an easy win to accomplish something simple. The bedroom as a whole feels so much tidier when the bed is made, and I really feel the difference when I walk into the bedroom and the bed hasn’t been made.

Psychologically, for me, making the bed is also an action that gets my mind into the attitude of “Right, the day has started, let’s get on with it!”

Let me know in the comments about the habits you’ve built that help you to live clutter free!