When it comes to simple living, often I hear people say it’s about “finding joy in the simple things in life”. This can sound like a cliche to some people; however, it really is possible. For whatever reason, today was a day where I took notice of some simple things that bring me joy and I thought I’d share them.

Nature’s call

We’re in Spring here in the UK, which is my favourite time of year. I love how this season brings a frenzy of activity in the natural world, with birds flitting between the hedges, flirting and fighting. I love it.

Even more amazing, to me at least, is the dawn chorus that accompanies this time of year. When I woke this morning at 5am I came downstairs and, before making breakfast, opened the back door to listen to the cacophony of bird song filling the air.

I stood for a minute or two, “just” listening. I managed to pick out the calls of Blackbirds, a Thrush of some sort, and Robins; however, there were many more. There was no silence to be heard.

It was absolutely beautiful and it reminded me that we’re a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

Echoes of the past

This evening, whilst I was washing the dishes, I spied a small set of wind chimes hanging off a hook by the kitchen window. These were my nan’s windchimes that I’d taken and placed there after she passed. I love how small they are and how dainty their sound.

I have a thing for windchimes. Their sound is magical to me. I decluttered a few sets of windchimes during our major declutter but this set is coming with me.

To be honest, I’d forgotten they were there. In that moment I told myself to not forget to box them up before we move house in a few weeks’ time. However, given everything we have to organise, I realised it was likely I would forget. So, brought out a step ladder, took them off their hook, and placed them in a box.

Taking it slow

Recently, I started digging around the internet to learn more about Slow Living. On my journey, I discovered Brooke McAlary and have been listening to her podcast The Tortoise, although I started at the beginning when it was The Slow Home podcast.

I’m enjoying listening to episodes at home in the evenings, and also I listened to an episode in the car, on the way to work this morning. The conversations give me lots to reflect on in terms of bringing more balance to my life. Also, I recognised that I’ve already been practising Slow Living in parts of my life. However, it’s time to make it more intentional than it has been.

These are just a few ways I’ve found joy in the simple things today. Like minimalism and slow living, we can practice cultivating joy through intention.

I could easily have walked to my car this morning, surrounded by birdsong, totally lost in my thoughts and not noticing at all. To notice and find joy, we have to slow down or stop once in a while.

What sort of things do you find joy in? Let me know in the comments!