I didn’t realise just how much happier I’d be when I began adopting a minimalist philosophy to my life. None of the changes have been complicated; it’s been more about committing to practice them on a regular basis. So, in this post I’m sharing six simple minimalist habits to feel happier in life.

1. Prioritising experiences over material possessions

I’m not saying we don’t need material things. However, for me, there are times when I spent my money on things when I would have gotten more pleasure out of spending it on an experience.

Maybe the material thing was to make me happier but certainly it wasn’t because I needed it every single time I bought it. For example, when my husband and I go out walking, there are times when I like to buy us lunch. I don’t do it all the time because I can’t afford to but sometimes it’s nice to eat after a walk and take time to relax together before heading home.

2. Be more mindful with your purchases

If you’re trying to avoid impulse purchases, or being sucked in by clever marketing tactics, ask yourself these questions before pressing “buy”:

1) Why do I want to buy this item? For example, is it on sale, am I worried about missing out (FOMO)?

2) What purpose will the item serve?

3) How long am I likely to get value from this item?

4) Do I already own something that will meet the same needs?

If you have any other questions you think would be useful to ask yourself, use them! Taking a bit of time to step back rather than rushing in, and asking ourselves questions like these, can help prevent purchasing things we don’t really need.

3. Leave the house at least once a day

I’ve been working from home for a few years, and have found it important to get out of the house on my lunch break and go for a walk around my local area.

Some days I don’t necessarily feel like doing it because it seems like too much effort. However, I push myself and once I’m out I enjoy the fresh air and getting my body moving. I’m naturally a fast walker so it tends to be a brisk 15-20 minute walk!

Walking gets me away from my screen and gives me time for my thoughts. Often, it helps me to think through problems and get clarity about them.

If you’re in a similar position with working from home, try getting out at least once a day and see if you notice a difference in how you feel.

4. Make your bed after you get up

I know this comes up a lot and can sound like a cliché but for me, there’s something really satisfying about making my bed after I get up. Not only does it take just a few seconds but psychologically, it’s like a signal that the day is starting and “off we go”.

From a “clutter” perspective, when I come back into the bedroom if the bed hasn’t been made, the room feels so messy and I don’t enjoy being in it. A neatly-made bed helps to make the entire room feel more comfortable and inviting.

5. Tidy up as you go along

I’ve fallen off the wagon with this over the years but now I’m back on it! I remember when I decided to start doing it again, I thought to myself “But it’s going to be so much extra work!”.

However, I’ve found it takes seconds to wipe down surfaces and put things away. Plus, it means you’re not having to do a huge clean-up over the weekend. I want my free time to be just that – not spending hours tidying up!

Building new habits can take time so it might be best to introduce one at first and once that’s established, introduce another.

6. Declutter regularly

This doesn’t mean clearing out your entire home every month!

You might have statements, bills, or other correspondence that you deal with straight away, as opposed to putting them on top of the microwave (like we used to!). Or, maybe you have a designated place where you store paperwork and you regularly declutter it at the end of each week.

Are there items you have duplicates of, such as cleaning or beauty products? If so, maybe it would be better to use the duplicates before buying any more so that your cupboards aren’t filling up unnecessarily?

Let me know in the comments of any other minimalist habits that have made you happier in life!