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Blog to Book

Increase your consistency and visibility online while preparing for a book launch with weekly blog posts and a full-length book manuscript ghostwritten for you. Let our team help you reach the next level. Your audience will come to hear you speak and stay for the actionable steps in your message.

You can have an active blog and a self-published book in as little as a year from now.

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Non-fiction Book

Share your message with a larger audience when you let a ghostwriter do the heavy lifting to finish writing your book. Add value to your field by sharing your unique perspective and ideas generated from your years of experience. Boost your credibility by turning your passion into the book your industry needs.

You can be a self-published author in 3-4 months.

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Book Outline

You are a skilled writer and know it’s time to finally write your next book. You have a general idea of the subject but distilling your experience into a single theme is tricky. Leave it to a professional ghostwriter to create a thorough book outline with chapter summaries and book synopsis to set you up for success.

You can start writing your book sooner than you think.

Your Story

Your story is what makes you stand out from all of the other professional speakers. Present the best version of yourself and your ideas by using a ghostwriter to help you hone your passion and experience into prose.

As a professional speaker, you have mastered the challenge of keeping a live audience engaged. You can create a bigger interest in your message by providing your audience added value through consistent quality content. They come to hear you speak and they will stay for the actionable steps in your message.

Why Us?

There are many ways to bring your writing to life. Our team works with you to craft the best version of your ideas and hone them into powerful and compelling prose. Verbal or written, your presence is defined by your words.

Content creation can help grow your brand, increase sales of your packages and services, and help you advance in your speaking career. Binding your experience, skills and passion into a book is a wonderful way to grow your audience.

We're Here To Help You Succeed

Ghostwriting & Editing

Build your credibility with quality content and consistency of messaging. Share your best ideas with others in your field by presenting your unique perspective and ideas generated from your years of experience.

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Book Coaching

Our entire team will guide and encourage you through the process as you work to finish your book. In addition, you receive 1-on-1 instruction via check-in calls and training tailored to your specific challenges.

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Digital Networking

Our team will teach you to build and manage relationships with your readers. We can help you with website creation and management, social media, CRM setup, and business processes.

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