Ghostwriting & Editing

Books, eBooks, and White Papers

Our team is ready to meet you at each stage of the ghostwriting process. Whether you want a year-long commitment to increase your online visibility or need your book available for purchase before your next conference, ghostwriting can help you achieve your goals.

The best part about creating quality content? You don’t have to write it alone! A professional ghostwriter will interview you and use your voice and research to craft a non-fiction book in your area of expertise.

Your audience loved your topic and your research. Give them a way to dive deeper into the material by providing a quality book about the topic and your unique perspective.

You already have a captive audience; now strengthen the relationship.

Bring us an idea

We can write the book together. This is a great option if you need a hand with the writing side. The best part? Our team is completely behind-the-scenes. You retain full authorship and credit when you publish your book.

Bring us a manuscript

Tell us about your idea and your target market and we will hone your words and prepare them for your audience. Writing shouldn't be stressful; we are here to make your words flow effortlessly on the page.

Idea Curation

Let us hone your experience and passion into actionable content. You have piles of notes and folders of digital files waiting to be put into use. Share your ideas with a wider audience. Let our team dig in and help you find the themes and story arc of your non-fiction musings.

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